I trained under the in-house head Lighting designer at the Royal Shakespeare company in Stratford upon Avon who discovered that I had a eye and enthusiastic temperament for lighting design.

I worked on productions of Tales of Ovid directed by Tim Supple and Richard II directed by Steven Pimlott as lighting operator/ technician and then worked as the Technical Director and Lighting Designer for several theatre companies and theatres. I pursued my career as a creative and decided to work in London to fully realise a career in lighting design.

My first big solo design was for a student production of a midsummers nights dream at the Marlow theatre in Canterbury.

Design work has been very steady for me and became more frequent as time progressed and I have since branched out into sound design and video design. I'm affiliated with the Association of Lighting Designers, of which I am an active professional member.

I am always interested in participating in exciting and engaging collaborations in circus, theatre, music, opera, musicals and dance anywhere in the world!

Chuma Emembolu

I am also a co-artistic Director for Stage Splinters Theatre Company


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